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Ef-Vold sev dir Ovekol Afna'sul vun dir Khiem'Ra vun Sodialla Zeok'Tu. 


A lal homepage ovisiona d'lal imperi Dsartaniana agratiason. 

Bienvenu à l'Homepage Officiale de l'Empire Zartanien Grosse. 

Bienvenido al Homepage del Imperio Grande Zartanio. 

Bem-vindo à pagina oficial do Império Grande Zartaniano. 

Bën-Benÿðo äla Päçynà Wëv dëlo Ympëryò Gränðe Zartänyö. 

Willkommen auf der Offiziellen Homepage des Groß-Zartanischen Reiches. 

Tarka Xyrho Cybernetstyk Kywga Zartania. 

Velitana i himpusa offici do Ompi Zartania Sturani. 

Kalosorizo pros arthro Epismos Katoika-selida ek athro Megalos Zartanos Aftokratoria.

Halettan se Onweald Ham-awritan of se Maest Zartanen Caseren.

Panarsi yu Jimna Kresna-hesni yi Zartaqii Nungel Crupar.

Bonvenon al la oficiala hejmopagxo de Imperio de Pli Granda Zartanio. 

Benevindo a la pagina oficiala do lo Imperio Grandeo Zartaniano. 

Fàilte steach dachaidh gus Mò Zartanach Rìoghachd. 

Welcome to them ambightly webstow thes More Zartanish Headrich. 

Grêhu du an léué sûtho an Emloduêth Soldenái Mû Môl. 

Languages shown above, in decending order: Ingallish (Standard); Rizne (using Rizne alphabet); Western Rizne (using Standard alphabet); Albionish; Dignanian; Achenarian; Phenixian; Spahneesh; Partogees; Extreman; Jerman (Gorami); Namurgo; Lex; Kradonean; Anglian; Extremish; Guwimithian; Elafitian; Lendian; Thist (Caledonian); Somerish; Estron (Modern).

The Greater Zartanian Empire was formed in March of the year 300AP (1364 Zart. Cal., 1589 Alb. Cal.), by the union of Eastern and Western Zartania.  Both previously independent states, the two Zartanias agreed to join together in a union, recognizing the Eastern Zartanian monarch as the head of state for the Empire.  Both states continue to enjoy autonomy in domestic matters, and refer all foreign, military, and "interstate" matters to the imperial government.  The possibility has been left open for other Zartanian dependencies or protectorates to eventually join the Empire as constituent members as well.  The current head of state is King Bruno II vun Q'Leist.  Please use the links provided below to explore the Greater Zartanian Empire more in-depth.

Constituent Members of the Empire
Kingdom of Eastern Zartania –– Republic of Western Zartania

Links to Imperial Government Pages
Imperial Council of Ministers –– Imperial Zartanian Armed Forces –– Demographics –– Ministry of Foreign Relations –– Sports

The Greater Zartanian Empire is a proud and active member of these international organizations:

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