Treaty of Haddock Cove

Article I --- Article II --- Article III --- Article IV --- Article V
Article VI --- Article VII

As of 12:00 midnight immediately following the exchange of Ratifications of this treaty, the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Moderate-Loyalist Front for the Liberation of Dignania (hereafter refered to as MLFLD), recognized as the legitimate acting government of the Free Republic of Dignania, desirous of Friendly and Beneficial relations between and with each other; His Royal Majesty having appointed as Minister Plenipotentiary Melissa Rust, Deputy Foreign Minister of said Kingdom, and the Leader of the MLFLD having appointed as Commissioner Plenipotentiary Harrison Ford, Mayor of the City of Kasama of said Free Republic; hereby agree to enter into a Mutual Understanding and Alliance upon the following provisions:

Article I Recognition

Article II Alliance Proclamation

Article III International Borders

Article IV Neutral Rights & Obligations

Article V Extradition

Article VI Ammendments

Article VII Abrogation

May this Treaty of Alliance & Cooperation be the first step toward a bright future of cooperation between these two nations.


Harrison Ford March 14, 299
Free Republic of Dignania/MLFLD Date

Melissa Rust March 14, 299
Kingdom of Eastern Zartania Date

Negotiated and Signed in Haddock Cove, capital of the Royal Crown Colony of Haddock Cove, Kingdom of Eastern Zartania.

Randy Young