Ministry of Foreign Relations

The diplomacy of the Greater Zartanian Empire is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, formerly a ministry of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania, headed by the Foreign Minister. Part of both the Royal Council and the Imperial Council and under the direct authority of the monarch, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (dir Miniazna von Ixtranya Relatiofv) is responsible for carrying out formal diplomatic relations with the other nations of the world, establishing and maintaining Zartanian embassies and consulates in foreign nations, developing foreign policies, official recognition of nations,and actively representing the Empire within the international organizations of which the Empire is a member. The Ministry of Foreign Relations building is located on the west side of King Fredrik Plaza in Imperial City.

The current Foreign Minister is Sir Randall Young, Knight of the Kingdom and Duke Ixtran'zhil, appointed by HRM on September 21, 1356. He is charged with the smooth running of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the establishment of Zartanian embassies and consulates, and the formulation of royal foreign policy. Charged with representing the Greater Zartanian Empire in foreign nations are the Empire's ambassadors and consuls. Ambassadors are appointed by the monarch, upon recommendation by the foreign minister and confirmation by the Imperial Council, and are in charge of the Empire's embassies throughout the world. Royal embassies are considered to be territory of the Greater Zartanian Empire, thereby offering shelter and sanctuary to Zartanian citizens abroad. Zartanian diplomats and members of the Ministry of Foreign Relations are also granted diplomatic immunity within their host nations. Consuls are appointed by the foreign minister, upon confirmation by the monarch, and are in charge of Zartanian consulates. Consulates are considered "junior embassies," and therefore are Zartanian territory as well.

Embassies are the Zartanian diplomatic facilities established in foreign nations to carry out all of the necessary functions of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. There is only one per nation, and is established in the nation's capital city. Consulates are smaller diplomatic facilities established in foreign nations to suppliment the functions of the embassy by providing the most essential diplomatic functions. Consulates are established in major cities of the host nation.

To view the various treaties that the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania is party to, please click here.

Below are the official seals of Zartanian diplomatic missions.

Displayed below are the nations with which the Empire has official diplomatic relations. Click on the diplomatic seal of a nation to visit that nation's homepage.

Seal Official Name Ambassador to KSZ Ambassador from KSZ Diplomatic History
Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove & the Southern Plantations Hon. Carol Deignan Hon. Lord John Kaiser contact established 6/3/1362; embassies exchanged 6/4
Federal Republic of Whitlam High Comissioner Edward Zahra Lord Sir Bertrand di Brasch contact established 6/4/1362; embassies exchanged 6/8; non-aggression pact signed 7/1; military & political alliance ratified 2/6/1363
Isles of St. Kilda Ian MacGregor Dietrik Molovetz contact established 6/4/1362; embassies exchanged 6/5
Empire of Albion-Merité Lady Patricia Carter Rachel Correl  KTZ protectorate est. 1/15/1363; protectorate ended 9/16; embassies exchanged 11/7
United Democratic Republic of Utania Graeme Wright Delenn Miri, 3rd Baroness Minbar contact est. 5/29/1364; consulates exchanged 6/8; embassies exchanged 8/11
Republic of Bowdani Mark Yanus Charles Bennett, Earl of Dasrall contact established 6/12/1362; embassies exchanged 6/18
Kingdom of Christiana John Mullins Lord James du Maneisch contact established 6/5/1362; embassies exchanged 6/26
Republic of Islandia Mrs. Vigdis Hjalmarsdottir Lord Michael Henrickson contact established 6/30/1362; embassies exchanged 6/30
Ferratus Directorate Representative Roberto Ling d'âamil Lady Patricia Veronda contact established 6/5/1362; embassies exchanged 6/30
Country of New Aquitania (Akitania Berria) Jon Etxeberria Nathaniel Vincent contact established 7/1/1362; embassies exchanged 7/2
State of Angliyaa Lord Albert Waschwald contact established 7/1/1362; embassies exchanged 7/3; relations temporarily suspended due to Angliyaan revolution 12/8; gov't in exile est. 1/30/1363
Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk Lady Szylvia Ottwald contact established 6/5/1362; embassies exchanged 7/11
Kingdom of Elafites & Zufites Count Brevin Darisch contact established 8/12/1364; embassies exchanged 8/15
Federated States of Dascunya Dame Tanja vun Renrew contact established 7/13/1362; embassies exchanged 7/14
Republic of Armatirion Mr. Julian C. Bellefield Lady Brittany du Trall contact established 7/18/1362; embassies exchanged 7/21
Republic of Davenport Alain Lecompte Col. Lord Sir Calvin Nikpir contact established 7/20/1362; embassies exchanged 8/3; Amb. Besner (PHX) replaced by Amb. Lecompte 3/29/1363
Greater Burovian Realm Prof. Ernest Kaylin III Baron David di Rikter contact established 8/5/1362; embassies exchanged 8/6; Treaty of Amity, Friendship, & Commerce ratified 11/4; Land Exchange Treaty ratified 2/8/1363
Kingdom of Ordland Phillips Barrancos Countess Aliyana Modena contact established 9/13/1362; embassies exchanged 9/15; Amb. Modena recalled for consult. 8/15/1364
Principality of Rosardan Stephan Jennson, Marquis vun Margross contact established 2/4/1363; embassies exchanged 2/8
Sultanate of Feniz
Free Republic of Dignania (Moderate-Loyalist Front for the Liberation of Dignania) Moe Foulkes (under house arrest, awaiting trial) Brigadier Baron Josef Hennessy contact established 3/2/1363; recognition granted 3/3; embassies exchanged 3/5; Alliance Treaty ratified 3/15
Kingdom of the Lexicon Islands Elasto Du Finiste Count Gunther Mirak contact established 3/12/1363; embassies exchanged 3/15
Trade & Development Corporation/Otago Mr. Louis Pannier Wilhelm Jikar contact established 3/6/1363; embassies exchanged 3/15
United Kingdom of Caboteniasa Peter Johnsson Sir Michael du Brajzh, K.C. contact established 3/19/1363; diplomatic recognition extended 3/19; embassies exchanged 3/26
Republic of Ulanova Dr. Anya Karlinikov Fredrik Primahvn, Marquis of Zhy'kii contact established 2/18/1363; embassies exchanged 6/9
Republic of Neoliliana Consul-General Mlle. Sarelle Gelias (est. in Imperial City) Consul-General Lady Samantha Broddiqk contact established 3/23/1363; diplomatic recognition extended 3/25; consulates exchanged 3/26
The Watts and Mealing Territories (est. in Imperial City) Consul-General Baroness Margaret Rothschy contact established 4/8/1363; consulates exchanged 4/12
Lendosan Confederation (est. in Imperial City) contact established 4/24/1363; consulates exchanged 4/26
Independent Westrian Kukuria Consul Rudy Denana (est. in ??????) Consul-General Nicholas Vermeal contact established 6/20/1363; consulates exchanged 6/24
Constitutional Kingdom of Maurétanie
Sir Walter Prasik
contact established 6/10/1362; embassies exchanged 6/12; gov't collapsed 2/1363; relations officially ended 11/22
Peaceful Confederate States of Phenixia
Erik Forgal
contact established 6/15/1362; embassies exchanged 6/18; gov't collapsed 2/1363; relations officially ended 11/22
Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba
Sir David George
contact established 7/6/1362; embassies exchanged 7/7; economic cooperation treaty ratified 11/10; gov't collapsed 2/1363; absorbed into Westria 6/12; relations officially ended 11/22
Mercantile Republic of Maryport
Jakob Pferdenfresser, Senior Partner and Trader 1st Class
Count Brevin Darisch
contact established 9/5/1362; embassies exchanged 2/8; Land Exchange Treaty ratified 2/8; relations officially ended 12/16/1363
Mystical Nation of Wwww
Special Envoy Matthew Brady
contact estabished 7/1/1362; diplomatic relations initiated through Wwww embassy in Christiana 7/2; gov't collapsed 8/1/1363; relations officially ended 11/22
Autonomous Territory of Northern Phenixia
Envoy Dr. Yazid Benchetrit (est. in Imperial City)
Envoy Crystal Deholl
recognition granted 6/23/1362; consulates exchanged 6/24; gov't collapsed 2/1363; relations officially ended 12/16
Consulate Status
Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics
Consul Mero Nero
(est. in Eastharbor, KTZ)
inactive but inhabited
Consul-General Lord Rex Tiraniya
(est. in Mutant, FCLR)
 contact established 7/21/1362; consulates exchanged 9/14; relations officially ended 2/20/1363 with disollution of FCLR
United Peoples Republic of the Maritimian Islands
Consul Elizabeth Naokiani
Consul-General Baron Derik Ratilov
contact established 3/20/1363; consulates exchanged 3/26; KTZ consulate expelled 3/28; relations severed 3/29
- The St. Kildan ambassador also serves as the manager of the local Bank of St. Kilda branch.

The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania, in the interests of world peace and coexistance, has become a member of several international organizations. Those organizations, their flags, and a description of the organization are listed below.
International Vexillium Football Association The IVEFA is the premier international soccer organization, overseeing all international competitions. Members agree to adhere to IVEFA rules. TFZ Commissioner Karl Muskal
League of Old Continent Nations The LOCN is an organization promoting cooperation and peaceful coexistance between members of the Old Continent. Count Stephen McNulty
United Nations of Vexillium Designed along democratic lines with a one-nation, one-vote rule, the UNV is dedicated to preserving the peace among its member nations. Lord Mikeil Varishnikov
UNV Commission on Collapsed Nations An officially sanctioned arm of the UNV, the UNVCOCN was set up to insure peaceful transition of power within collapsed nations and self-determination for their inhabitants. Marquess Judith Foth
UNV Historical Accuracy Commission flag pending An officially sanctioned arm of the UNV, the UNVHAC was established, headed by KTZ, to compile and maintain an official history of Vexillium. Baronet Stanley Yednock
Web-Presence League The WPL is charged with the scrutiny of member web-pages and the setting of webpage standards for the nations of Vexillium. Butler LaMantia

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