Eastern Zartanian Government Listings

Royal Family & Line of Succession

1) Monarch: HRM King Bruno II vun Q'Leist
           Consort:  HRM Queen Sophia du Cron
2) Heir Apparent:  HRH Crown Prince Raedvulf vun Q'Leist
3) Heir Successor:  HRH Princess Royale El'Lyra Kelembra vun Q'Leist
4) Monarchical Brother:  HRH Prince Karl vun Q'Leist (younger brother to HRM)
5) Monarchical Sister: HRH Princess Margaret (younger sister to HRM)
    Monarchical Mother:  HRM Queen Lauren vun Runtstedh (mother to HRM)

Imperial Council of Ministers
Listed below are the current members of the Imperial Council of Ministers (formerly known as the Royal Council of Ministers) and their current position within the Royal Government.

Monarch:  HRM King Bruno II vun Q'Leist
Commander-in-Chief, Royal Armed Forces:  Grand Adm. High Gen. Erik vun Orcton
Commander-in-Chief, Imperial Zartanian Navy:  Fleet Adm. Mikail Indurii
Commander-in-Chief, Royal Zartanian Army:  Gen. Johanas vun Rundtstedt
Commander-in-Chief, Royal Zartanian Air Force:  Com.-Gen. Nikolas Vogle
Foreign Minister:  Sir Randall Young, K.K.
Interior Minister:  Kestra Andrèv
Minister of Public Information & Customs:  Paulette Watson
Minister of Treasury & Commerce:  Andrew Sydes
Science Minister:  Hector Aldenbar
6th Minister:  Stephen Maturin
Royal Stek Assembly Constable:  Marcia Watlyn
Royal Court of Judges Senior Judge:  Heinrich Boldr
Western Zartanian Chancellor:  Claude Gentry

Royal Stek Assembly
The Royal Stek Assembly is composed of representatives from each of the Kingdom's steks, colonies, and dependencies.  All representatives have voting privileges, but votes cast by the stek representatives count twice.  Listed below are all of the current members of the Assembly and their constituent stek or colony.

Constable of the Assembly:  Marcia Watlyn
Royal District of Imperial City:  Maj. Herbert Atwoll, ret. (RZA)
Duchy of Black Water:  Lady Eliza Sosiro
Principality of Brytanea:  Edward Dugan, Esq.
Corynthean Republic:  Jonathan Nagleo
Stek of the Death Lands:  Sir Ronald Hekeyat
Duchy of Desdarca:  Dame Edna Prig
Stek of Desertia:  Rudolf Hilbrun
Grand Duchy of Dragoonta:  Rt. Hon. Helmut Issiod
Grand Duchy of Drilastia:  Anna Eppri, 6th Baroness Krari
Empire of Eybalca:  Lord Sir Desmin vun Epsarr
Principality of Germania:  Dr. Charles Anderson, PhD
Grand Duchy of Guldavya:  Paschal Loy
Stek of Justica:  Joanna Stull
Stek of Karsatra:  Natalia Kropsik
Stek of Maraska:  Joshua du Jollok
Duchy of Maulen:  Shannon Perrin-Borge
Grand Duchy of Medotia:  Baronet Thomas Faulkner
Grand Duchy of Nomar:  Lady Kristina Miller
Earldom of Northern Peninsula:  Patrice Tunis
Duchy of Orkansel:  Lord Gregory Blomm
Duchy of Pentagonia:  Jessica du Blodre
Stek of Rastal:  Angela Sibly
Stek of Saktar:  Roland Selaar
Stek of Skeladonea:  Al Gorantch
Duchy of the Skylands:  Dame Isabel Lusene
Republic of Subaria:  Coryn Shaffer
Duchy of Vilice:  Lord Michael Grants
Fifedom of Zukarta:  Sydney Fluaro
Royal Crown Colony of Haddock Cove:  Sir Shawn Lyons
Royal Crown Colony of the Khor Islands:  Dr. Lauren Truliko-Kcupp
Royal Crown Colony of Kunn Federon:  Lt. Marie Vuadda, KFCM
Royal Crown Colony of Noteraland:  David Moriss
Royal Crown Colony of Zartanian Angliyaa:  Alex Smithson
Royal Territory of Zartanian Glaciaria:  Capt. Orin Lanirof, RZA

The information listed above is current as of 1 December 302AP, and was compiled and posted here by the Imperial Chancery under the direction of His Royal Majesty.  The information is for knowledge purposes only.  Misuse of the information presented here is punishable under Royal Law.  This site is under surveillance by the Royal Police, the Ministry of Public Information & Customs, and the Tal'Shiyr.
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