Royal Military Reform of 1363

As of noon today, Tuesday, January 26, 299 (1363 ZC), His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II, signed into law the legislation presented him by the Royal Council known as the Royal Military Reform of 1363. This legislation states, in part, the following:

1) Military service in the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania will be universal. All persons within the Kingdom (with the exception of serfs, except with permission of their lord) will be required to report to their local recruitment center on the first Enlistment Day after their 18th birthday or after they have graduated college with no more than a Masters Degree. Enlistment Days are hereby set as January 1, May 1, and September 1.

2) Upon being mustered into service of the Crown, the enlistees will be allowed to choose the service in which to fulfill their obligation. Enlistees will be required to serve a period of no less than 4 years in the King's service, after which time the enlistee may choose to either remain in the service for a career or to leave the armed forces.

3) Should the enlistee choose to leave the service, the enlistee will be retained in the militia of the stek in which the enlistee resides. As a member of the stek militia, the enlistee will be required to train and activate with the militia twice a month in order to maintain battle readiness, and will be required to remain an active member of the stek militia to the age of 40. At the age of 40, the enlistee will be transferred to the auxiliary militia and retained to the age of 65.

4) If the enlistee does not report to the recruitment station as required by this legislation, the enlistee will be arrested and sentenced to a term of no less than 8 years in prison, with an option to serve in the active military to age 40.

5) Men and women equally will be required to serve the Crown. Both men and women will be required to serve in combat zones, and will serve in mixed units.

6) To forestall any potential problems with the above-mentioned mixed units, a new a stricter code of military justice is being drafted to supplement the current Articles of War.

The Royal Military Reform of 1363 will go into effect officially beginning on February 1, 299 (1363 ZC). Considering the relatively small population of Eastern Zartania, this move is calculated to give us a military able to adequately defend out borders, our citizens, and our possessions. Any questions about the Royal Military Reform of 1363 should be directed to the Ministry of Public Information & Customs.

May Honor and Glory grace the Nations of Vexillium for Eternity.

Grand Admiral High General Rudolf Yuvan
Commander-in-Chief, Royal Armed Forces
on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II vun Q'Leist

Last updated February 11, 299.
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