Railway Treaty of 298

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As of 12:00 noon on the day after the Ratifications of this Treaty by the Signing Parties, the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba, desirous of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between their two States, do enter into agreement upon the following terms, to be signed by the respective local Government Representatives and ratified by the National Legislatures of the Signing Parties:

1) The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania agrees to provide any and all practicable assistance to the Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba for the purpose of the construction and maintainence of a national railway network.

2) The railroad team dispatched from Eastern Zartania will be charged with the timely development, organization, and building of a comprehensive railway network for Niokolo Koba. As such, the Eastern Zartanian team will do most of the planning and actual construction, while working closely with Niokolo Koba officials to advise and train them in the operation and successful construction of railway networks. In this manner, the Niokolo Koba officials will have all due input in the establishment of the system, as well as hands-on experience during the actual construction which will be carried out mostly by Eastern Zartanian engineers.

3) Following the completion of each leg of the railway network, Eastern Zartania will maintain overall administration of the leg for a period of no less than 6 months to insure the proper operation and maintainance of the system. After such time, the overall administration will be turned over to Niokolo Koba officials who will have been trained by the Eastern Zartanians during the preceding period of Zartanian administration.

4) As compensation for Eastern Zartanian help in establishing the railway system, the Kingdom requests the free use of Niokolo Koban ports by Eastern Zartanian merchant ships for the duration of the railway project and for a period of six months following the completion of the project. During this time, Eastern Zartanian ships will be allowed to enter and leave the ports at will, without charge other than the standard duties applied to cargo.

5) As a supplement to this treaty, the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba agree to recognize the Independence and Legitamacy of each other's Governments, and to the maintainence of Diplomatic Missions in the other State.

6) The two Parties also agree to the opening of Economic and Trade Relations on a conditional most-favored-nation basis. The ships of each Nation will be shown the same respect and consideration as the ships of other Nations, and no economic Right granted to another non-Signatory Nation shall be denied to the Signatories of this Treaty.

7) The Clauses enumerated in this Treaty shall be effective and in force until such time as the national railway project has been completed, or until one of the Signatory Nations decides unilaterally to end the project. At such time the Supplementary Clauses will be renegotiated and ratified again.

May this Railway Treaty be the first step toward a bright future of Cooperation between these two Nations.


Ibrahima-Casimir Diatta November 10, 298
Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba Date

Sir David George October 31, 298
Kingdom of Eastern Zartania Date

Negotiated and Signed in Dianamalary, capital of the Free Chiefdom of Niokolo Koba.

©1998 Randy Young & Ibrahima-Casimir Diatta