Treaty of Amity, Friendship, & Commerce

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Article VI --- Article VII --- Article VIII --- Article IX --- Reservations
Appendix 1 --- Appendix 2

As of 12:00 noon on the day after the exchange of Ratifications of this treaty, the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Free Nation of Westria, including the Territory of Westermarc, desirous of Friendly and Beneficial relations between and with each other; His Royal Majesty having appointed as Minister Plenipotentiary James Pattie, Governor- General of the Royal Stek of Albion of said Kingdom, and the President of the Free Nation having appointed as Commissioner Plenipotentiary Professor Ernest Kaylin, III, Ambassador to Eastern Zartania of said Westerreich; hereby agree to enter into a Mutual Understanding and Peace upon the following provisions:

Article I Recognition

Article II Peace Proclamation

Article III Economic Relations

Article IV International Borders

Article V Neutral Rights & Obligations

Article VI Immigration & Tourism

Article VII Extradition

Article VIII Ammendments

Article IX Abrogation

May this Treaty of Amity, Friendship, & Commerce be the first step toward a bright future of cooperation between these two nations.


Prof. Ernest Kaylin, III. Oct. 6, 298
Free Nation of Westria / Westerreich Date

James M. Pattie Sept. 28, 298
Kingdom of Eastern Zartania Date

Negotiated and Signed in Kikikira, capital of the Territory of Westermarc within the Free Nation of Westria.

(introduced by Eastern Zartania 11/2/298; acknowledged by Westria 11/4/298)

Treaty Reservation #1

Treaty Reservation #2

Treaty Reservation #3

Appendix 1:
Naval Ensign in use by Westrian owned ships

Naval Ensign in use by foreign owned ships

Appendix 2:
Official map of the borders of Westria

Official map of the borders of Westermarc

Randy Young & Max Suchy