Non-Aggression Pact of 298

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As of 12:00 noon on the day after the exchange of ratifications of this document, a treaty of non-aggression is hereby established as existing between the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Federal Republic of Whitlam. The signing parties of this pact agree to abide by the following terms:

1) Neither party shall attack in any way, shape, or form the vessels, aircraft, territory, installations, citizens, etc., of the other signing party for any reason whatsoever.

2) Neither party shall provide weapons or support to a nation engaged in active hostilities with the other signing party.

3) If such an attack is executed, it will be considered a breach of this nonaggression pact and therefore an act of war.

4) The party not engaged in hostilities MUST declare its neutrality in any armed conflict involving the other party.

5) Both signing parties pledge themselves to peaceful coexistance with each other, and the exploration of all possible diplomatic means to resolving future problems.

6) This pact is to be considered legally binding, and may only be abrogated through the consent of both signing nations.

This pact becomes official with the signing by the chief diplomatic officers of the two parties. May this pact be the first step toward eternal peace between the nations of Eastern Zartania and Whitlam.

Chief Diplomatic Officers:

Prime Minister Shane Armstrong July 1, 298
Federal Republic of Whitlam Date

Foreign Minister Randall Young June 28, 298
Kingdom of Eastern Zartania Date

Negotiated and signed in Gough, captial of the Federal Republic of Whitlam.

©1998 Randy Young & Shane Armstrong