East Zartania

Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
Keesh'ka vun Tenserna Zeok'Tu

Below is a political map of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania.

1 - City of Claw Anchorage
2 - City of Kasrall
3 - City of Eastharbor
4 - City of Nomar
5 - City of Madisonia
6 - City of Alfacron
7 - City of Castle Axanar
8 - City of Thornbush
9 - City of Cazniev
10 - City of Darenall
11 - City of Dragon Cave
12 - City of Ghorillyan
13 - City of Q'Leist
14 - City of Perikraisia
15 - Tabitha Salt Lake

(*Note - All figures listed below are for 1362.)










International Diplomacy
See also: Kingdom of Eastern Zartania: Diplomatic Page
Nation Flag Head of State Diplomatic Status
Africablue unknown contact (6/14/98)
Albion Chancellor James Pattie (provisionally) protectorate of KTZ
Angliyaa Prime Minister Alex Smith peace, embassy exchange, est. as gov't in exile in KTZ
Armatirion President Kjell Roll Elgsaas peace, embassy exchange
Billa unknown contact (6/5/98)
Bowdani Emperor Alexander the Great peace, embassy exchange
Caritas unknown no contact
Christiana King Edward II peace, embassy exchange
Dascunya (Kingdom) unknown unknown no contact
Dascunya (Republic) President Alexander Shostakovich peace, embassy exchange
Davenport President Steve Kramer peace, embassy exchange
Djeriga (Moun) unknown no contact
Ensolelhada unknown contact (7/6/98)
Estontetso unknown contact (7/6/98)
Ferrata Praetor Valleh a'waam peace, embassy exchange
Free Confederacy the people peace, consulate exchange
Guwimith unknown contact (6/14/98)
Islandia President Pascal Gross peace, embassy exchange
Jannaton Prime Minister Nathalie Zoghbi relations severed (1/30/99), non-recognition
Kalisthesia unknown contact (7/1/98)
Kiltanland unknown no contact
Kukuria unknown no contact
Lamb's Cove Grand Duke Mathew II peace, embassy exchange
Lexicon Islands unknown no contact
Libra unknown no contact
Maryport unknown embassy exchange; land exchange treaty
Maurétanie Prime Minister Vincent Hérelle peace, embassy exchange
Neonesia unknown contact (7/1/98)
New Aquitania President Jomu Komo peace, embassy exchange
Niokolo Koba Chief Ibrahima-Casimir Diatta embassy exchange; economic cooperation treaty
Northern Gronk Former First Elected Master Zeljko peace, embassy exchange
Ordland President William Bolonha peace, embassy exchange
Phenixia Humble Speaker of the Confederacy Philippe Bondurant peace, embassy exchange
Rosardan unknown peace, embassy exchange
St. Kilda Gingach Philip peace, embassy exchange
Sempervirens unknown contact (2/4/99)
TDCorp unknown contact (12/23/98)
Thistland unknown no contact
Watts/Mealing unknown no contact
Wesmeria unknown no contact
Westria President Lourdes Raqueli embassy exchange; treaty of friendship
Whitlam Prime Minister Shane Armstrong embassy exchange; nonaggression pact
Wwww Queen Regina diplomatic relations established

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