Sports of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania has a long and proud tradition of athletic competition, stretching back to the days before the Gronkian Reign when local boys and men would compete in archery, sword fighting, and spearing contests. Today, sporting events have taken a more "civilized" and less militaristic route. Among the more popular sports in the Kingdom today are soccer (trilats), Zartanian football (Amfuutbalh), swimming (juristdik), fencing (drokmir delok), jousting (Henrikasz), horse racing, fox hunting, archery, shooting/marksmanship, yachting, track & field, equestrian, and cross country skiing.  Sports that are growing in popularity in the Kingdom include field hockey, baseball (drrikulyn), softball (szikulynn), rugby (Ausfuutbalh), stock car racing, Formula 1 racing, ice skating, volleyball, wrestling, golf, and tennis.  Some "sports" are also illegal in the Kingdom due to their violence and inhumanity: bear baiting, cock fighting, and bull fighting particularly.  There are several professional sporting organizations across the Kingdom which cater to citizens who wish to play these sports.* Below is one of the organizations.

*Note: Serfs within the Kingdom are not eligible to participate in professional sports.

Soccer (Trilats)1363-present TFZ logo

National Team

The game of soccer, or trilats in Rizne, is a relatively recent arrival to the sporting venue in the Kingdom. It is believed that trilats was introduced into Zartanian society around 1270(Z.C.) by the Terramarcians. Within the relatively few years that the game has existed in Zartanian society, it has flourished to become the widest-played sport in the Kingdom. On July 12, 1362, the Zartanian Soccer Federation, or Trilats Federaztu vun Zeok'Tu, was formed in Cazniev to "be the nation's controlling and governing body concerning the regulation of soccer within the Kingdom." The TFZ currently has twelve (12) member-teams, which are split into two divisions: the North Conference, and the South Conference. The two conference winners play each other at the end of the season to determine the Kingdom's soccer champion, who takes the TFZ Trophy for the year. The current TFZ teams and their standings are listed on the TFZ homepage.

1362 TFZ Championship Tournament

North Conferenceoriginal TFZ logo (1362)
Oct. 23: #2 Alfacron Planets-3 at #1 Thornbush Dragons-1

South Conference
Oct. 23: #2 Kasrall Lightning-2 at #1 Madisonia Eagles-6

TFZ Championship
Oct. 26: Alfacron Planets-1 vs. Madisonia Eagles-0 (OT) at Royal Crown Stadium, Imperial City

Shown below is the jersey for the Eastern Zartanian national soccer team.

Jousting (Henrikasz)
The sport of jousting is an ancient one in Eastern Zartania dating from the old feudal days before the Gronkian Reign. Originally a sport of the nobility, for only nobles and knights could afford the armor, chargers, and weapons for the joust, the sport is now widespread among the population, still including the aristocracy. In 1236 (172AP), during the twelfth year of the reign of Queen Kelembria II, the Royal Jousting Society (Royale Csiskante vun Henrikasz) was formed under Royal Charter. This organization continues to this day, acting as the "premiere body for the governing and regulation of the sport of jousting within the realm of the Kingdom." Under the tutelage of the RCH a series of tournaments has been created, with the final goal being the Royal Jousting Shield, award to the winning team of the Championship Tournament personally by His Royal Majesty. Under this system, each stek, including Imperial City, fields a jousting team, which then compete against each other in regional tournaments throughout the year, leading to the Championship Tournament in mid-November. Below are the winning teams for the past 126 years of RCH history.

Formula 1 Racing
Formula 1 auto racing has never exactly been a popular sport within Eastern Zartania, most of the people being more interested in the traditional stock car racing of the RZOEAZ.  However, in 1363 the formation of the International Automobile Federation (IAF), an international league dedicated to Formula 1 racing, brought several Eastern Zartanian F1 drivers out of the woodwork.  In addition to drivers, the IAF also prompted two of Eastern Zartania's most prominent car manufacturers to form teams.  In late July 1363, both Veron Automobiles, Inc., and Straymahq formed F1 teams to compete on the international scene.  And as a testament to the enthusiasm of the Eastern Zartanian people for any new sport involving their fellow citizens, the very first IAF race was held in the stek of Corynthea on August 1, 1363.  The Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix is expected to become one of the staples of the F1 racing series, and a premier race, drawing thousands of spectators from around Vexillium.  Eastern Zartania's F1 teams and drivers are listed below, as well as a few relevant statistics.

    TEAM:Veron  (colors: grey and maroon)
                    Headquarters: Madisonia, Medotia
                    Owner: D'Lorh Veron
                    #14 - Ralph du Mareq (Blowing Sands, Desertia) Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
                    #15 - Didier Zeffreck (Ghanagar, Pantua) 

    TEAM:Straymahq  (colors: purple and gold)
                    Headquarters: Djena, Maraska
                    Owner: Temakh Revadh
                    #18 - Ivan Krachikofv (An'jela, Orkansel) Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
                    #19 - Jeff Bornholm (Christiana) Kingdom of Christiana

Individual Eastern Zartanian Drivers

NAME:  Ralph du Mareq            CAR#:  14
       TEAM:  Veron Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
       HOMETOWN:  Blowing Sands, Desertia 
       HIGHEST FINISH:  7th (299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix, 299 Westermarc Grand Prix)
299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix Equipa 
Car #10
299 Westermarc Grand Prix
299 Guwimith Grand Prix
299 Whitlam Grand Prix 19th DNF
299 Christiana Grand Prix
21st DNF
299 Estontetsan Grand Prix
299 Westrian Grand Prix
300 Altland Grand Prix Veron
21st DNF
300 Namurian Grand Prix Veron
moved to last b/c fueling irregularities
300 Christiana Grand Prix Veron
300 Draconia Grand Prix Veron
22nd DNS
300 Davenport Grand Prix Veron 
17th DNF

NAME:  Bruno Maxim                CAR#:  16
       TEAM: Manaar Shenhua 
       HOMETOWN:  Eastharbor, Brytanea 
       HIGHEST FINISH:  2nd (299 Christiana Grand Prix)
299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 
Car #19
9th 18th DNF
299 Westermarc Grand Prix 13th 8th
299 Guwimith Grand Prix 12th 12th
299 Whitlam Grand Prix 16th DNF
299 Christiana Grand Prix 10th 2nd
299 Estontetsan Grand Prix 18th 22nd DNF
299 Westrian Grand Prix 7th 21st DNF
300 Altland Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 15th 10th
300 Namurian Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 18th
300 Christiana Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 17th
300 Draconia Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 7th 17th DNF
300 Davenport Grand Prix Manaar Shenhua 17th 19th DNF

NAME:  Ivan Krachikofv             CAR#:  18
       TEAM:  Straymahq Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
       HOMETOWN:  An'jela, Orkansel 
       HIGHEST FINISH:  10th (299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix)
299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix Straymahq Kingdom of Eastern Zartania
Car #20
19th 10th
299 Westermarc Grand Prix 19th 14th
299 Guwimith Grand Prix 20th 18th DNF
299 Whitlam Grand Prix 18th DNF
299 Christiana Grand Prix 19th 11th DNF
299 Estontetsan Grand Prix 21st 15th DNF
299 Westrian Grand Prix 22nd 16th DNF
300 Altland Grand Prix Straymahq 21st 14th
300 Namurian Grand Prix Straymahq 21st
300 Christiana Grand Prix Straymahq 20th 14th DNF
300 Draconia Grand Prix Straymahq 21st 19th DNF
300 Davenport Grand Prix Straymahq 20th 14th

NAME:  Erik vun Trau                CAR#:  21
       TEAM:  Maiden 
       HOMETOWN:  Bouldriq Fortress, Guldavya 
       HIGHEST FINISH:  5th (300 Draconia Grand Prix)
299 Eastern Zartanian Grand Prix Veron 
Car #14
20th 12th DNF
299 Westermarc Grand Prix 20th 15th
299 Guwimith Grand Prix 22nd 17th DNF
299 Whitlam Grand Prix 14th DNF
299 Christiana Grand Prix 22nd 12th DNF
299 Estontetsan Grand Prix 20th 14th DNF
299 Westrian Grand Prix 21st 13th
300 Altland Grand Prix Maiden 18th 8th
300 Namurian Grand Prix Maiden 13th
300 Christiana Grand Prix Maiden 19th 19th DNF
300 Draconia Grand Prix Maiden 13th 5th
300 Davenport Grand Prix Maiden 15th 18th DNF

Golf (Rolfv)
Golf, known in Eastern Zartania as rolfv, is a sport that was unknown to Zartanians until last year.  After independence, and the estabishment of diplomatic relations with states such as Westria and Christiana, golf was introduced to Eastern Zartanian tourists overseas, who brought the game back to the Kingdom.  Still not a popular enough sport to merit the creation of even an amateur association, several Eastern Zartanians have embraced the sport enough to join the International Golf Tour (IGT) as professional golfers.  Those golfers, their hometowns, winnings, and finishes are listed below.  For the time being, Western Zartanian golfers will also be listed here, until a separate homepage for Western Zartanian sports can be completed by the Republic's National Assembly.

Eastern Zartanian Golfers of the IGT
       NAME:  James Bajme (Ro'shel, Medotia )
            Winnings:  165,212 Crowns 0 jah-dir 4 Or'bal 8 pieces
            Best Finish:  8th, 6 under par (300 Kukurian Koffeé Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  108th of 287

       NAME:  Ulf Brofned (Linkpik, Northern Peninsula )
            Winnings:  14,898 Crowns 7 jah-dir 9 Or'bal 5 pieces
            Best Finish:  13th, 1 under par (300 Taki Shipping Rosardan Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  241st of 287

       NAME:  Michael du Braal (Arthuria Castle, Brytanea )
            Winnings:  995,709 Crowns 6 jah-dir 3 Or'bal 9 pieces
            Best Finish:  2nd, 19 under par (300 Whitlam Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  15th of 287

       NAME:  Fredinand du Klerik (Kramtall, Western Zartania) 
            Winnings:  204,050 Christiana Crowns
            Best Finish:  9th, 5 under par (300 Kukurian Koffeé Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  77th of 287

       NAME:  Tom Feoddu (Dredswamp, Black Water )
            Winnings:  42,113 Crowns 2 jah-dir 5 Or'bal 3 pieces
            Best Finish:  15th, 5 under par (300 Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  199th of 287

       NAME:  Anatoly Ipsi (Norbor, Vilice )
            Winnings:  490,028 Crowns 9 jah-dir 1 Or'bal 6 pieces
            Best Finish:  3rd, 14 under par (299 Satosan Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  45th of 287

       NAME:  Rudolf Kessel (Berliner, Germania )
            Winnings:  96,779 Crowns 5 jah-dir 1 Or'bal 8 pieces
            Best Finish:  12th, 8 under par (300 Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  149th of 287

       NAME:  Christopher Lariman (Corkbridge, Western Zartania) 
            Winnings:  50,498 Christiana Crowns
            Best Finish:  13th, 1 over par (300 UNT Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  177th of 287

       NAME:  Alfred Merch (Castle Niedam, Western Zartania) 
            Winnings:  189,741 Christiana Crowns
            Best Finish:  6th, 14 under par (300 Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  82nd of 287

       NAME:*Nathan Sorusne (Shapeton, Pentagonia )
            Winnings:  176,124 Crowns 0 jah-dir 9 Or'bal 6 pieces
            Best Finish:  9th, 8 under par (299 Satosan Open)
            Current IGT Rank:  286th of 287
            *NOTE: Sorusne currently off the IGT serving a sentence for violating the KTZ's travel laws.

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